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Minimum Order is $10
Scheduled Ship Date and Ship Cost is Shown
When You Add an Item to The Shopping Cart

How Do I Place an Order ?

Our Automated Shopping Cart System Functions
on Most All of Our Web Pages
The Shopping Cart is In Operation When You See
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Click on The ' Add to Cart Button' To Buy
Items From These Web Pages
Adding Your First Item to the Cart Will Show
Shipping Cost and Scheduled Ship Date
IF You are Adding An Item(s) to the Cart That
Does NOT Have A Shopping Cart Button
Then Follow The Instructions
Given Later in This page

Types of Payments

Payment Choice #1 (Preferred)
Pay by PayPal ONLINE

Through Our Shopping Cart - You Must Already
have a Paypal Account (Credit Card on File)
DOES NOT Tell Us if you are sending a gift
Best to Include a Note Telling Us NOT to Include
a Paper Receipt
SOME International Shipments Require a
Phone Number on the Label.
It's Best to Provide Your Phone Number
in the Cart's Special Instruction Section
If We are Shipping Outside the US

Payment Choice #2
Pay By Credit or Debit Card ONLINE

When Checking Out Through Our Shopping Cart
We NO LONGER Accept American Express
Our Secure Shopping Cart Page
Accepts Your Items
Ordered, Credit Card and Shipping Info
Once You Have Submitted Your
Information During Checkout
You Will Receive an Automated eMail Confirmation

INTERNATIONAL Shoppers - Our Merchant settings
to accept Credit Cards are VERY Strict
IF your Credit Card is Declined AND You
Know It Should have Been Accepted,
Contact Us for a Solution

Payment Choice #3
Mail Us A POSTAL Money Order

ITEMS Are RESERVED for 7 Days Awaiting Payment
A US Postal Money Order Mailed To Us - NO CHECKS
(Use Your Debit Card Instead?)
US Postal Money Orders ONLY - NO OTHER Brand
of MONEY ORDERS Will Be Accepted
Make Sure You Have An eMail
Confirmation with the Total
Including Shipping Before Mailing
Your Postal Money Order
(Many One Of A Kind Items Are Available ONLY
For Immediate Purchase by Credit Card)
A Reservation is A Commitment to Purchase
Failure To Mail In Payment
After Reserving Items Will Block Future Purchases

Payment Choice #4
Credit or Debit Card by Telephone
(LEAST Desirable)

We are an ONLINE Company and Have Designed
Our Website for Easy Online Ordering
Orders are EXPECTED to be Placed ONLINE

The BEST Payment Choice Is To Order
It Is Best For YOU and For Us To Have
The Order Confirmed in PRINT
Plus You Receive An eMailed Copy of
When and What You Ordered

It's Often VERY Difficult to Get Through By Phone
For YOUR Protection Phone Calls to Us That Show
Unknown, Out of Area,
an 800, 866, 877, 888 Number, No Caller ID,
or Have the Caller Information Blocked
Will NOT Get Through to Us - 412-885-7091

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a Question ?

Use the Contact Us Link at the Bottom of Every
Page and You Will Get a Prompt Reply

Calling Us Will NOT Get you a Prompt Reply
Messages Left are Typically NOT
Monitored by Our System

What Optional Services Can
I Choose During Checkout?

1. Add Insurance
Packages Mailed PRIORITY Mail are Now Insured
up to $50.00 by the Post Office at No extra charge
However, For Claims the BUYER Must File
a claim on the USPS.com Website

2. Have a Printed Receipt Postal mailed to you
(Optional, for Gift Orders)

3. Choose NOT to have A Receipt
Enclosed in the Package

4. Require a Signature to Accept the Package

5. Apply A Gift Certificate You Received
to the Balance In Your Cart

Orders and Payment

Does Your Website Support Secure
Ordering ?
YES it Does...
When you Enter Your Credit Card information,
You Will Notice that the website in the Address
bar at the top of the page has
an 's' after the http reads https://
this Indicates a secure Site
(ALL our pages now use https://)

Minimum Merchandise Order is $10
Minimum Shipping/Handling Charge is $3.75
IF Your Total Merchandise Order is UNDER $10,
then a $5.00 'Handling Fee'
is Added to the Cart
(If you order additional merchandise,
the $5 Fee is Removed)
We Accept Credit Cards
Debit and Check Cards and PayPal

Payment By Postal Mail - NO CHECKS
US Postal Money Orders ONLY
NO Other Brands of Money Orders
(Why Not Use Your Bank Check Card?)

An eMail is Sent Immediately When You
Click 'Place Order' Button During the Cart Checkout,
Another eMail with the Postal Tracking Number(s)
When Your Shipping Label is Printed
Didn't Get even ONE eMail from us After Ordering ?
Check Your SPAM Filter
We Recommend Using a Reliable FREE eMail
GMAIL account. Sign Up at google.com

More Questions?
Message Us Using Our Contact Us Link Found
on the Bottom of Every Web Page

Order Status
You can Check Your Order Shipping Status by
Entering the Postal Tracking Number(s)
at https://www.usps.com
We eMailed you the Postal Tracking Number(s)
when Your Label was Printed
Typically the package is scanned at your
nearest large Postal Facility
or at the time of delivery to you. Delivery times
vary from 2-10 business days
depending on your proximity to Pittsburgh, PA
and on the workload of USPS
(Holidays, Natural Disasters, etc)
Tracking information is updated throughout the day,
but most data is transmitted in the evening.
For example, if your Priority Express Mail® package
is mailed at 10 am, you might
not be able to view tracking
info until evening or early next day

Buying An Item that Does
NOT Have a Cart Button

Use The Form Found at the Bottom of the
Web Page that do Not Have a Cart Button
Add An Item That Do NOT Have An Add
To Your Shopping Cart Button
Any Instructions for Items Entered Here,
Special Instructions if Needed
Can Be Noted Later At Time of Checkout
If You Are Paying by PayPal Wait
For A Total From Us via eMail

Enter The ITEM#:
Enter Description:
Enter ITEM Cost:
Enter Quantity:

Delivery and Shipping

The Ship Date is Shown When You Add
Your FIRST Item to the Shopping Cart
Remember Time Zone Differences, We are
Located in the Eastern Time Zone
If you order during the Late Evening Hours
Your Package Can Often
be Shipped the Next Day
(This is Determined by When The
Post Offices Picks Up Our Packages
Typically before 9am EDT)

US Post Office Estimated Delivery Times
for Inside the US Are:
First Class 2-7 Days
FREE Shipping 2-9 Days
Priority Mail 2-3 Days
Priority Express Mail 1-2 Days

(If You're Offered FREE Shipping as an Option,
We Ship the Least Expensive Way)

Ship Postal Priority Express

Need it Faster?
We Can Ship US Priority Express
(Most Places Delivered Overnight - 2 Days Max)
Check Delivery times Shipping From Pittsburgh
ZIP 15227 here: https://postcalc.usps.gov/
You can Choose to REQUIRE A Signature to
Accept the Package, An Option During Checkout
To Track Your Package, Check the Express
Tracking Number we
eMailed to you for Post Office Details Enter the
Tracking Number here https://www.usps.com

Pennsylvania Sales Tax

7% Sales Tax (State and Allegheny County)
is Added to the Total Including Shipping
ONLY IF We Ship to a Pennsylvania Address
Food and Clothing Are Not Yet Taxed In PA

Store Hours

May I Visit Your Store When I'm in Pittsburgh?
NO, We Do NOT Have a Storefront
Purchases are Made Only Through Online Web
Sales 24 Hours a Day - NO Local Pickup

Have More Questions ? - How to Contact Us?

Click the Contact Us Link found at the
Bottom of Each of our Web Pages
(VERY Difficult to get Through by Phone)

I Have Collectibles to Sell
How Do I Do That ?

We Sometimes Buy PITTSBURGH Sports Collectibles
and Rolling Rock Beer Collectibles
They MUST be Pittsburgh Sports Collectibles
We Do Not Deal in Other Teams
or Players from other Teams
NO Sports cards - We Do NOT Deal in Sports Cards

See What we Currently Buying Here We Are Buying

CLICK On the Contact Us Link Found
at the Bottom of Each Page
Tell Us Your Zip Code, List the Items,
Condition, Quantities and Price you are asking

What is My Item Worth?

We Gladly Answer Questions About Your Order
and About the Items WE Have for Sale
Due to The High Volume of eMail that we Receive,
We NO Longer Offer Opinions or Appraisals
of Your Items
There are Too many variables involved to
determine an accurate value without
personally examining the item
You can get an idea of the value of your item by
comparing it to similar items on our pages

We NO Longer Answer Questions Such as
What is My Item Worth?,
What Can You Tell Me About My Item?,
Can you get me.... , I'm looking for...?,
Do you think you'll be getting.....?

Backorders - About Our Stock

ALL of Our Sports Products Penguins, Pirates,
Steelers and Rolling Rock Are LICENSED
by the Appropriate Leagues and Licensed Holders
IF The Item Is Listed On Our
Web Page We Should Have It In Stock
We do NOT Backorder Items
Your Card is NOT Charged For Out of Stock Items
(We will eMail you In The Unlikely Event An
Item Listed on our Webpage Out of Stock)

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are good for
ONE Year from the Issue Date
and can be Redeemed During
Shopping Cart Check Out

We Can Postal Mail or eMail the
Gift Certificate to the Gift Recipient
(Buy a Gift Certificate Here)

Autograph and Memorabilia Certificates
Terms and Conditions

Since Authenticity is a Matter of Individual Opinion,
We Offer a Money Back Guarantee

IF the Autographed Item Sold by Us is
Certified by a Third Party Authentication Service
(Examples: PSA/DNA or ACE),
It may be returned Within 30 Days from
the Date of Purchase for a Refund

We Offer Third Party Certification Since
Many Customers Prefer Certification from
a Nationally Known Brand

We Can NOT Guarantee the Authenticity of
Items from Third Party Authenticators
It is Up to these Authenticators to Stand Behind
Their Own Authentication - Not Sure ?
Check Out the Authenticator on the Web

IF the Autographed Item is Certified by a Letter
from Thomas Enterprises and is Disputed
by Either PSA/DNA or ACE Authentication
Services it Can be Returned for a Refund
Within 60 Days from the date of purchase

These Disputed Autographed Items Must
Include The Original Purchase Receipt AND
the Original Certificate of Authenticity
from Chuck Thomas Enterprises
BOTH Must Be Returned Along
With the Item in Question,
with a copy of the Letter Disputing the Item.
The Authenticity Must be Disputed in Writing by either
PSA/DNA or ACE Authentication Services

Personalized Certificates of Authenticity
Are Not Transferable.

Returns and Exchanges

Include a Note in Your Return Package
with your Cart Order number
Indicate Exchange or Refund.

If Exchanging check our website
for available sizes in stock,
Notify us right away Using the Contact Us Link
with the ITEM# plus size and color if applicable,
so we can hold that item for you for 7 days.

You can Also apply the value of an exchange
for another item on our Website.
Your Credit Card will be Charged for any
difference Including charges for reshipping Items.
The Original Shipping Charges are Not Refundable.
Items Must Be Returned or Exchanged Within 30 Days

Mail Returns and Exchanges to:
Chuck Thomas Enterprises
101 E Willock Rd
Pittsburgh PA 15227

For Your Protection, Obtain a Tracking Number
to Confirm We received Your Return

WE Pay Your Return Shipping Cost To Us
When The Mistake is Ours!
Otherwise You are Credited The Item Total
Less 10% Restocking Fee Less Shipping

Lost or Damaged Packages

What if I Don't Receive My Order ?
The Good News is that Most All Packages
We Ship Make it to their Destination
Without Any Issues - Occasionally Packages
Get Lost or are Delivered
to an Incorrect Address - If this Happens,
Message Us Using the Contact Link
We Will Investigate Where your Package May
Be and Let You know What Happened

The Post Office has recently
implemented an Insurance Plan
IF you choose PRIORITY Mail - (NOT First Class)
the Post Office will Include Insurance up to $100.00

Damage Claims Should be Reported
Immediately at the usps.com Website
KEEP All Damaged Items Received With Your
Order (Until the Post Office Tells You Otherwise)

Filling a Lost Claim, the BUYER Must wait at least
15 days before filing a claim at the usps.com Website

A Signature to Receive a Package is Your Choice
(Unless the item is a Higher Value and we require it)
You have the Option of
Requiring Signature Confirmation
for Delivery During Checkout

Ordering From Outside The United States
and APO and AE Addresses

APO and AE Destinations are OK
THANK YOU For Serving
We Require a Minimum of $50.00
in Merchandise for Some Countries
Insurance On Some Overseas
IF An Insurance Claim has to be Filed,
We may have the Postal Authorities
Pay the Claim Directly to You
Full Value is Declared to Customs
(Do Not Ask Us to Mark the Package as a 'Gift')
Some Items are Too Large or
Fragile To Ship Outside The USA
We Will Tell You If Your Order
Includes One of These Items

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Outside the US ?
Add the Item to the Cart. Choose Your
Country from the Drop Down Menu
Choose USPS First Class Int'l (International)
or USPS Priority Mail Int'l (International)
(You Can change this later)
The Cart will Show you the Ship cost
(You are Under NO Obligation to buy at this Point)

How Long Does it take for my order to arrive ?
Shipping Times can be found at the
US Postal Web Site https://usps.com
Enter Zip 15227 (Pittsburgh PA) as the Ship
Zip Code and Your Postal Code as the Destination

If Your Package does Not
arrive within the suggested
Guidelines, it's Best to Check with your
Local Post Office. Customs
Might be Holding Your Package

Where Don't We Ship ?

Our Cart Service Advises us NOT to Ship
to the Following US ZIP Codes:
10036, 10017, 94102 and 94108
These Overseas Locations Including:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Balkans,
Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Benin,
Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso,
Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon,
Cape Verde, Central African Republic,
Chad, China, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba,
Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia,
Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, India,
Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan,
Kenya, Latvia, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania,
Malaysia, Mali, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritania,
Morocco, Monaco, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria,
North and South Korea, Oman, Pakistan,
Papua/New Guinea, Philippines, Poland,
Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles,
Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Slovak Republic,
Solomon Islands, Somalia South Africa,
Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Tanzania, Togo,
Tunisia, Uganda, Venezuela, Yemen,
Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe

Shipping to US Service Personnel
APO and AE Addresses is OK
THANK YOU! for Serving

If You Live in One of These Countries,
and Want to Buy From Us,
Have A Friend or Relative in the US Order
From Us and then they can Ship it to You

Waiting For Your Package To Arrive

Your Black and White Mailing Label is ALWAYS
Computer Printed, NEVER Hand Printed
Our Return Address Will Read:

101 E Willock Rd Pgh PA 15227

Ship to: (Your Name and Address will Appear Here)

How Long Does it take for my package to Arrive?
Check the https://usps.com website
We are Shipping from Pittsburgh PA
15227 to your ZIP Code

Do You Give Out My eMail Address?

NO We Do NOT - See Our Privacy Policy
We Sometimes Offer Discounts by eMail


Heinz Co Pickle Pin

Minimum Order is $10
Ship Date and Cost Shown
When Adding an Item to the Cart

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