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We Do NOT Buy Sports Cards.
Deal in Sports cards from Topps,
Upper Deck, Fleer, etc
We Do Buy Regional Issued Team Cards
... See Below

We Are Currently BUYING:


Pens 50 Seasons Cards - A Home Game Promotion

4x6 Inches - Blank Back
But Little is Known about these Elusive Cards!
Distributed By The Penguins Hockey Club

US Air Cards That we know of for Certain,
Include ......
Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis,
Petr Nedved, Brad Lauer,
Ian Moran, Chris Tamer, Tom Barrasso,
Glen Murray, Alek Stojanov,
David Roche, Chris Joseph, Francois Leroux,
Neil Wilkinson and Joe Dziedzic

US Air Penguin Cards
~ ~ ~
US Air Penguin Cards

We Have Some of These Cards - Looking for Others
Let Us Know What You Have

Some Player Cards in This Set Include:
Gilbert Delorme & Frank Pieterangelo

1989-90 Elby's Penguin Cards

25th Anniversary Logo Elbys Cards
4 x 6 Inches
We Have Some of These Cards - Looking for Others
Let Us Know What You Have

Some Player Cards in This Set Include:

Mike Lange, Jiri Hrdina, Ken Priestlay,
Paul Stanton, Paul Coffey, Mike Lange, Announcer
Scotty Bowman, Coach

Penguins COKE / Elbys Team Issue Cards

Mike Lange Elby's Card

Jagr Peanut Butter

Back to Back Bulb Ornament

Pens Back to Back white Ornament

Pens Rally Rag

Penguins Mike Lange Hockey Hound Rally Rag

Penguins Bottle of Melted Ice Water from the Final
Game at Mellon Arena played on May 12, 2010

Actual Water (melted ice) from
The LAST Game at Mellon Arena
Bottle is About 6 Inches tall and Still Sealed
Originally Sold in 2011 at the Arena Gift Shop

Mellon Arena Ice Water


Steeler Hines Ward Number 86 Hallmark Ornament

2016 Ben Roethlisberger Hallmakr Ornmanet Bubmlebee Jersey NEW in The Box

Pittsburgh Pirate Baseball Team Issues
1960s Roberto Clemente
A Pittsburgh Pirate Baseball Team Issue
Color Photo Card (Facing Right)
About 3x4 Inches - Back is Blank
'Bob Clemente (Outfielder) #21'
With a Facsimile Autograph Passed Out at Forbes Field

Contact Us with Photos of YOUR Clemente Cards
With the Price you are Asking

Sample Photos Shown
Clemente 1960s Team Issued Photo Card

Roberto Clemente 1960s Pirate Team Issued Card


ALL Items MUST Be NEW/Unused

Rolling Rock HEAVY (1.5 pounds) 5 Inch Gold Banded Mug
Gold Bands Top and Bottom
with 'Rolling Rock' Printed in them
Small Beads of Glass Running Down the Sides

Latrobe Brewing Rolling Rock Banner Logo on Both Sides

Rolling Rock Heavy Mug

Latrobe Brewing Heavy Gold Banded Mug

Rolling Rock Dice

Rolling Rol mar of war Crown

Rolling Rock Horse Crown

NOT Readily
Available Inside the US

MUST BE New and Authentic Rolling Rock
or Latrobe Brewing Co Merchandise
Absolutely NO Copies or Reproductions Considered

NO Rock Greenlight Items
Needed at the Moment

NO Cans, NO Bottles, NO Breakables
NO Hard to Ship Items Such as Mirrors,
Neon Signs, Chalk Statues, Refrigerators,
Thermometers, Chairs, Guitars or Bicycles

Use this Contact Us Link to Send Us a Message:
Include Your Zip Code, What You Have For Sale,
How Many You Have, and How
Much You Are Asking for the Items

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