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Mike Webster HOF 1997
Iron City Beer UNUSED Case Label Sticker
Iron City Logo 3 x 5 UNUSED Case Label Sticker
'94 Blitzburgh Unused Case Sticker

(ONE FREE Sticker Per Order)

Mike Webster IC Sticker

Iron City Case UNUSED Sticker

1994 Iron City Beer Steelers Logo  Blitzburgh Case UNUSED Sticker

Glasses Mugs and Cups
NOTE: A 'Pint' Glass in the US is Not Really 16oz
It varies, but beer pint glasses usually hold
12-14oz leaving room for foam at the top

Rolling Rock Latrobe Brewing Co Beer
Green Pub Style Wood 13 Inches Tap Handle
With a Metal Enameled Steeler Ornament on Top !

Heavy Double Sided
Tap Handle is NEW/Unused

Don't Be Fooled by Bootleg or Homemade
STEELER Handles You See on Auction and Other Sites
This is the Real Deal

Quality Enameled Metal Topper With The Steeler
Steel Logo and Rolling Rock Reset in Enamel
VERY NICE - The Steeler/Rolling Rock

Topper is IMPOSSIBLE to Find Especially in NEW Condition
Like This One Is

(Rolling Rock Was A Steeler Sponsor
the First Year at Heinz Field)

CAUTION: Metal Parts are VERY Soft - Do NOT Use
Metal Tools to Install - The Handles Will Get Torn Up

VERY NICE - Actual Photos Shown

Steeler and Rolling Rock Tap Handle Pittsburgh Steelers and Rolling Rock Logos Wooden Tap Handle

Latrobe Brewing Tap Handle

Tap Handle Topper Rolling Rock

Wooded Tap Handle Rolling Rock

BONUS An EXTRA '33' Metal Topper Included
33 Metal Topper

Coors Light and Steeler Logos Player Signature Heavy Pint Glasses

Jack Ham, Dermontti Dawson, Jack Lambert and Franco Harris

Franco Harris is NOT Yet Pictured

The Football Laces on the Coors Light Logo Ham
Glass are Black, Gray on Lambert and Dawson)

Coors Light Ham Lambert Dawson Pint Signature Beer Glasses

Coors Light and Steeler Logos Jack Ham Signature Heavy Pint Glass

Bud Light and Steeler Logos Heavy Pint Glasses
Budweiser Bud Light and Steeler Steel Logos Glass

Bud Light and Steeler Steel Logos Heavy Pint Beer Glass

Budweiser Light and Steeler Logo 80 Seasons 1933
2012 Heavy Pint Glasses

Steelers and Bud Light 80 Season Logo HEAVY 16 oz Pint Glass

Pittsburgh Steelers Six Times Champions
ALL 6 SB Logos Coors Lite Pint Beer Glass
Stock Photo Shown

Steelers Coors Lite 6 Times Champs Logos Pint Beer Glass

Steelers ALL 6 Super Bowl Logos 16oz Coors Lite Glass

Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Joe Greene
and Jack Lambert in the Set
SOLD at a Local Pittsburgh Restaurant
One Glass Per Week with Food Purchase
Logos of Eat'n Park Restaurant, COKE and The Steelers
Player Number and Facsimile Signature
On Back TUFF Set - Very Nice !

4 Drinking Glass Set Coach Bill Cowher,
Jerome Bettis, Greg Lloyd and Carnell Lake
Steelers VIP Series Player Drawing on the Front
Number, Name, Facsimile Autograph and A Brief Bio
on The Back - Tough Set to Find ALL 4!
Glasses SOLD with Purchase at A Local Pittsburgh
Restaurant One Per Week for 4 Weeks

Four Glass Sets Sponsored by Eat'n Park
Restaurants in the Pittsburgh Area
One Glass Sold Each Week with Purchase
(SOLD Out 1995 Lambert, Bradshaw, Harris and Greene)
1997 Cowher, Bettis, Llyod and Lake
Cardboard Tents are Double Sided - Hard to Find

These Cardboard Ads Were
Placed on the Eatn' Park Dinning Tables
Attempting to Sell the Glasses

Older Steelers 12oz Plastic Player 12 Mug
Somewhat Worn and Yellowed
because of It's Age - Stock Photo Shown

STEELERS, Miller Brewing Co and Miller Lite Logos Ceramic Mug
5 Inches Tall and 5 1/2 Inches Wide to Include The handle
An Older Heavy Used Mug but in Very Good Shape

32 oz Cup Plastic Cup
Two Players on One Cup: Mike Webster / John Stallworth

1 Dozen Rolling Rock With Steelers Logo Cups
16 Ounce UNUSED Lightweight but Rigid Plastic Cups
Regular Rolling Rock Cups on The Left in the Photo
and Rock Green Light Cups on the Right

STEELERS Super Bowl 40 Coors Light 16 oz Cups
VERY Nice - Pictures All The Previous Super Bowl Logos
SOLD in Sets of 4, 8 or 12

STEELERS Super Bowl Six Time Champs
Lightweight 16 oz Travel Cup With Lid
Choose an Quantity:

Travel Cup

Steeler Beer Tees Coasters Bottle / Can Holders and More

Size XLarge - 100% Cotton
STEELERS Steel Logo and Budweiser
Bud Light Logos White Tee Shirt
Where are you going to Find One of These ??

Bud Light and Steeler Steel Logo Tee Shirt

Size XLarge - 90% Cotton 10% Polyester Preshrunk
STEELERS Steel Logo and Coors Light Logos Ash Color Tee Shirt
BRAND NEW - With the NFL Licensing Hologram
Where are you going to Find One of These ??

Stock Photo Shown

Steelers and Coors Light Logo Ash Color Tee Shirt

Collectible Beer and Soda Cans

NOTE: ALL Cans Are Shipped EMPTY - Most Have the Tops
Pulled and/or Emptied From The Bottom
Photos Are Stock Photos
We Send You the Best Can We Have in Stock

As Seen on TV in 2015 and 2016 at the
beginning of every NFL Football Game,
Steelers and Bud Light 12 oz Limited Edition Empty Cans
Tops are intact - bottom opened - NICE Looking Cans

2015 Steelers and Bud Light Logos 12 oz Beer Can

Steelers and Bud Light Logos 12oz BLACK Beer Can

2005 Steelers Super Bowl XL Champs
12 oz Empty COKE Can - Bottom Opened
Stock Photo Shown