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NOTE: Most of These OLDER Collectibles we have in stock,
However some our buried Deep in our Inventory
We'll do our best to locate them...

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Jaromir Jagr Enviromint Mint 1992 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver

Serial Numbered with No Case (Your Serial Number Will Vary From Photo)
NOTE: We do NOT and YOU Should Not Attempt to Clean or Shine Silver Coins
If You Must Clean Them, It Should be Done Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner at Your Jewelers
Stock Photo Below - Your Coin May Show More Discolor or Tarnishing

Jaromir Jagr Hightland Mint .999 Silver Coin

Jaromir Jagr Highland Mint 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver
'Pittsburgh's First Choice Overall in the 1990 Draft'
Serial Numbered with Case (Your Serial Number May Vary From Photo)
NOTE: We do NOT and YOU Should Not Attempt to Clean or Shine Silver Coins
If You Must Clean Them, It Should be Done Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner at Your Jewelers
Stock Photo Below - Your Coin May Show More Discolor or Tarnishing

Jaromir Jagr Highland Mint Silver Coin

Jaromir Jagr Highland Mint .999 Silver Coin

Jaromir Jagr Autobiography Hard Cover Book Copyright 1997 - List Price $24.95
285 pages - 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 Inches - Several Color and Black & Photos Throughout

Jaromir Jagr Autobiography Hard Cover Book

1998 5x8 Mini Poster Peel able Sticker with Adhesive Backing

Sold ONLY At the Pittsburgh Arena Home Game!
8 12 x 11 Inch Heavy Quality Poster - Found Inside a Post gazette Newspaper
Back Reads 'Let's Go Pens' In Large Letters

JAGR Photo on the Front with Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle in The Background
Puck Shaped Lid
As Chuck Thomas Enterprises Featured In 'BECKETT' Monthly Oct 97 'Short Prints'
Jar Shows an Expiration date of Mar 1998, So these are at Least 18 Years Old !
Also Included Are TWO Extra Top Unused Stickers (Impossible to Find These) for the Lid
Label may show some fading, but no tears

Jaromir Jagr Peanut Butter Jar

Jagr Peanut Butter

Regular Issue #083 AND All Star #057

2000/01 JAGR Trading Cards From Czech Republic @ $9.95 EACH
BB JAGR 1 or Jagr Team 12
**SOLD Out ELH Jagr 23 and Jagr 384

Ticket is Creased - Not Mint 30 Dec 2000 vs Ottawa (Also Lemieux's 1500 Point Game!)

Ticket is Creased - Not Mint 14 Oct 2000 vs Rangers

From The Czech Republic
8 Inch - On a Plastic Hanger - (Use Suction Cup Hook For Hanging)

Jagr Mini Jersey Hanger - Penguins

7 Inch Nylon Like Fabric On Hanger With Suction Cup For Mirror Or Car Window
Direct From Kladno In The Czech Republic !

Kladno Postal Stamp

Looks like 8 oz - Empty - Label Creased

Heavy GOLD Colored Coin About Silver Dollar Size With Jaromir Jagr On One Side
and Rick Kehoe on the Other - With The Millennium Trading Card
Both Sealed in Cellophane
A Penguin Home Game Promotion 11 November 2000
See The Penguins MAIN Page for Complete Sets of All 7 Coins

3 1/2 x 5 Inch Photo - 1999 Promotion With Film Development

JAGR Giant Eagle Photo

A Penguin Home Game Promotion 10/21/00 - You HAD to Be At The Game To Get It!
Sponsored by UPMC Health System - Different Individual Player Photos Each Month

2000-01 Penguin Photo Calendar

2000-01 Penguin Photo Calendar

10/14/00 Ice Time Magazine - 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Inches - 80 Pages
Program From This Game In Which JAGR Had His FIRST 4 Goal Game

Penguin Ice Time Program - JAGR Cover 10/14

Folding Pocket Schedule Listing The Home Game Promotions

2000-01 Pens Pocket Schedule

2 3/4 Inch Disc Found in Kraft Peanut Butter Lids in Canada - Photo Shows Front and Back

Canadian Kraft Dinner - JAGR Card 3 1/4 x 5 Inch - Box Empty/Flat - No Flaps

Canadian Issue 2 1/2 x 5 1/4 Inches - JAGR with Barrasso Mask in The Background

From Canada - Complete Box Shipped Flat/Empty

Underage Dr Drinking Know The Score - Nice Facsimile Autograph
Standard 18x24 Inch Poster Size - Pen's Logo - Sponsored by PA Liquor Control Board
Shipping Inside The US ONLY! Rolled

'Three Consecutive NHL Scoring Championships - Jaromir JAGR'
11x17 Inches - Heavy Semi Glossy Paper
Sponsored by The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Newspaper - VERY NICE!
This Poster Was ONLY Available Inside A Special Edition Newspaper
SOLD At The Round One Playoff Game At The Arena April 17th, 2000

4x6 Inch Postcard With The Pen's & 2000 Stanley Cup Logo
Playoff Ticket Plans Listed on the Back

JAGR S Cup Playoffs Postcard

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Inches - 56 pages - Game Program Pen's vs Thrashers

14 Nov 1999 Game Promotion Sponsored by Giant Eagle Food Stores
Life Size 6 Foot 4 Inches !
The Next Best Thing to Having JAGR in your Living Room!
Left Side Has Height Measurements to Track Your Future Hockey Star's Growth!
(Chart Was Rolled At The Game so it Might have a couple minor Defects)

Jagr Card with Stats on the Back - Complete Box Shipped Flat/Empty

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Inches - 14 Pages - FIRST Home Program Under New Lemieux Ownership

Penguins 1st Home Game Program

Jagr Bars were only available in the Pittsburgh area for a short time several years ago.
The Ice cream is Vanilla with Chocolate coating features a Character Drawing of Jagr
Rare enough to have a crumpled wrapped, but this one is in pretty good condition still flat.

JAGR Immortalized! - 4x6 Inch Postcards
The Wax Museum in the Czech Republic has Placed The Likeness of JAGR in Wax!
He resides in Good Company With other Distinguished Guests Such as
Princess Diana, Picasso, Einstein, Martina Navratilova, Kafka and Charlie Chaplin!

3 x 3 1/4 Inch - From Spaghetti Boxes From The Czech Republic

1998 Jagr Nagano Czech Food Card

11x17 Inch Heavy Paper - Sponsored by The Pittsburgh Post Gazette Paper
Found ONLY in One Edition of the Paper So There Might be Slight Corner Softening
'1998-99 NHL Scoring Champion - Jaromir Jagr'
NOTE: Because of the Length Poster Might have to be Mailed Separately

Four Pen's Player Upper Deck and Topps Trading Cards GAME Promotion Set
DIFFERENT From The Trading Cards - They Are Numbered #PIT1-#PIT4 !
Martin Straka Upper Deck #PIT1, Stu Barnes Upper Deck #PIT2,
Tom Barrasso Topps #PIT3, and Jaromir JAGR Topps #PIT4

Want to Order More Than One Single Card ?
Add One Card to Your Cart, Then Come Back Here and Do It Again

1999 Pen's 4 Card Set

Game Promotion Sponsored by The Tribune Review 11x11 1/2 Inches
JAGR 'Wanted SharpShooter' Photo on the Back

Pens 1999 Team Photo with Jagr on the Back

A Simple 3 Page 8x10 Brochure on The Terms and Rules of Hockey
Sponsored by Pittsburgh Food Store Giant Eagle and Nestles
JAGR Action Shot on The Cover

8 1/2 x 11 Inches - Jan Through Dec 1999 - To Benefit 'Animal Friends'
Each Month Has Different Photos of Your Favorite Penguin Players
Jiri Slegr, Martin Straka, German Titov, Maxim Galanov, Jaromir JAGR ,
Aleksey Morozov, Darius Kasparaitis, Jean-Sebastian Aubin, Robert Lang, Jeff Serowik,
Victor Ignatjev, Rob Brown, Tyler Wright, Peter Skudra, Kip Miller, Jan Hrdina,
Stu Barnes, Bobby Dollas, Patrick Lebeau, Neil Wilkinson and Kevin Hatcher

8 x 11 Inches With A Photo on The Front and Team LineUps on The Back
Oct 2nd vs Colorado with Jagr Photo and Oct 17th vs Rangers with Jagr Photo

Shipped Flat/empty

Macaroni and Cheese Box From Canada - Entire Box Shipped Flat/Empty

1998 JAGR Canadian Jello Box

3 Inch Stickers Used On Pittsburgh Regional Food Products for a Short Time
'A Salute to Olympic Medallists 1998 Jagr Gold Kasparaitis Silver'

A November 1998 Home Game Promotion
Tape Cover Pictures Jagr With His SECOND Art Ross Trophy
Other Side Pictures Lemieux Waving at His Last Game - Length Unknown

1997-98 Penguins One To Grow On Highlight Video Tape

8 1/2x11 Inch Picturing Each Month, Different Penguin Players with their pets
Sponsored by The PENGUINS, Pet Supplies, and Animal Friends
21 Different Pens Including Lemieux, Jagr, Nedved, Tamer, Moran, Wright, Hatcher
Ken Wregget, Petr Nedved, Joe Dziedzic, Francois Leroux, Glenn Murray, Ed Patterson
The Calendar is 1997 but Seeing Your Favorite Penguin in Street Clothes is Timeless !

8 1/2x11 Inch Pre Season Exhibition Game Sep 13th, 1997 vs Flyers Lineup On Back

Last One - Has Bend on One Corner

10x13 Inches 'Official Magazine of the Race For The Cure' Pittsburgh's Race
Nice Color Shot of Jaromir in Street Clothes

SOLD Each Week With Meal - ONLY in The Pittsburgh Area
5 Pucks With Display Stand - Still SEALED in Original Packaging - Team Auto Puck
2 Players Pictured on 4 of the Pucks - The 5th Is a Team Facsimile Autograph Puck
Lemieux/Nedved - Jagr/Francis - Wregget/Lalime - Hatcher/Kasparaitis

Pittsburgh Penguins 1997 Set of 5 Player Pucks with Stand from Burger King

Given at Home Games in March & April 97 - Sponsored by Tribune Review Newspaper
'Honoring Pen's 30th Anniversary - Celebrating 'Back to Back' Wins '91 and '92'
4x5 1/2 Inch Cards Are Perforated on 2 sides - Found inside Programs
Old Logo Cup Photos on one Side - Players Cup Stats Reverse
Joe Mullen, Ron Francis, Ulf Samuelsson, Bryan Trottier, Tom Barrasso,
Kevin Stevens, Jaromir Jagr and Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux Single Card @ $19.95 /Each
Jaromir Jagr Single Card @ $9.95 /Each
Mullen, Ulf, Trottier, Barrasso and Stevens Singles @ $7.95/Each

You Had to Be at ALL 8 Games to Get the Cards ! - VERY TUFF!!

2 1/8 Inch Round - With The Penguins Logo - Used For A Very Short Time On The JAGR
Peanut Butter Lids in 1997 - Unused with Self adhesive Backing - Vinyl Coating

1998 Olympic Medallists Jar Lid Stickers - These Stickers were placed on the Lids of
Jagr Peanut Butter Darius Pickle Jars - Found ONLY in the Pittsburgh Area

Jagr and Darius Olympic Stickers for Pickle and Peanut Butter Jars

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Inches - Home Program vs The Buffalo Sabres

6x9 Inch Home Game Mar 10th vs Montreal OR Mar 29th vs Kings - 71 Pages

8 1/2x11 Inches Given at Exhibition Games - Full Color Front Photos and Line Ups on the Back
Oct 1, 1996 vs Boston Bruins - Jaromir Jagr Full Color Action Photo

8 1/2 x 11 Inches Feature articles on the Penguins, Stats and more - Your Choice - Of TWO
(**Sold Out Feb 23, 1993)
(**Sold Out Mar 15, 1994)
Feb 1, 1995

8 1/2 x 11 Inches - 23 Pages of Jerseys, Pucks 8x10's and Sticks For Sale
How Much did Items Cost 10 Years Ago? - Find out here !
PRIME Sports is No Longer In Operation

1995 PRIME Sports ITEM

2 1/2 x 3 1/2 Inches Trading Card Size
Booklet Like Item Which Opens to Reveal a Larger photo
Action Packed NEVER received a Hockey License That Year!
Photo below shows Card Front and Back on the Left and Opened On The Right

1994 Jaromir Jagr Action Packed PROMO Card

16 x 20 Inches - Action Shot In the Old Pen Logo Uniform

1993 Jagr Starline Poster

Canadian Food Issue Found in Chips 1 1/2 x 1 7/8 Inches - Still Sealed in Cellophane

1993 Humpty Food Issue

8x10 Inches - Serial Numbered - Pictures Penguin Players Upper Deck Cards
PENGUINS Home Game Promotion

1992 Penguins UD Sheet

1991 Sep Beckett Hockey Magazine Jaromir Jagr Cover

1991 Hockey Beckett Price Guide Jagr Cover

Jagr Mini Photo Hockey Stick 18 Inches - Plastic

JAGR 98/99 Hart Mini Stick

JAGR Figurines

6 Inch With Ice' Display Stand - VERY Nice Detail Licensed by the Players Association
Realistic Stick, Gloves and pants detail

8 Inch Figurine by Sport Warrior With Separate Accessories

His FIRST Kenner Starting LineUp - New Unopened - Harder to Get American Version

Jaromir Jagr Huge 14 Inch Doll by Prozone Still in the box
The Box has a few defects but it is still unopened

Jagr 1997 Huge 14 Inch Prozone Doll Still in the box

Jaromir Jagr 1999 Starting Lineup Huge 13 Inch Doll by Starting Lineup Still in the box
The Box is VERY Rough but it is still unopened

Jaromir Jagr 1999 Staring Lineup HUGE 14 Inch Doll


Jaromir Jagr 1996 Winner of the Hart Trophey Commemorative Puck

Jaromir Jagr 300th Goal Commemorative Penguin Hockey Puck

'Jagr's Sports Bar Logo' OR 'Art Ross Trophy'
Heavy Crystal Puck Shape with Jaromir Jagr Facsimile Autograph - Great Gift! Bohemia Lead Crystal
(SOLD Out 'Greeting From The Czech Republic')

CHOOSE A Puck - Sports Bar or Art Ross Trophy

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